How do I measure Community KPIs? And more importantly: do I even need to?

Do you find yourself asking these questions? We understand how complex community measurement can seem, but with the help of Carrie Melissa Jones we can help you simplify the process and prove the impact of your community on your organization.

Community measurement can be complex and polarizing, but while many people argue that community cannot and should not be measured, the reality is that you must demonstrate your community's success to continue to secure investment.

The good news is that measuring your community's impact can be a satisfying activity for you, as it reveals the depth and breadth of your progress as a community builder. And choosing and tracking KPIs is simpler than it seems.

On December 7th at 12 pm EDT, Carrie Melissa Jones will walk you through a practical method for determining KPIs to showcase your impact—whether to yourself, your team, your boss, or your board.

Join us to learn:

  • The 3 types of metrics you need to track
  • The key mindset shift needed to identify the best KPIs for your community
  • The most common KPIs organizations use today

Register Now for December 7th at at 9:00 am PDT, 12:00 PM EDT, 5:00 PM GMT

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