Optimize Your Product Team to Win in the Market

Optimize Your Product Team to Win in the Market

According to research from Harvard Business School, of the 30,000+ new products introduced every year, 95% fail—and it’s often due to poor product management. The benefits of improving the product team significantly impact your organization’s bottom line. How can you boost your team’s performance and help mitigate the risk of product failure? Double down on skills.

Accenture’s Return on Learning study reported that training can yield an impressive 353% ROI through skills improvement. We’ve uncovered the product management skills most critical to your team’s success in the market. Download 280 Group’s Global Product Management Skills Benchmark Report to learn how skill improvement yields faster results on optimizing your product function. When investing in a high-performing product team, not all skills are created equal.

Download this report to:

  • Understand how skill strengthening optimizes team performance
  • Learn how to calculate the ROI on reskilling your team
  • Access a free personal skills assessment your team members can complete and compare results against your industry

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