Supply chain disruptions create uncertainty and unpredictability for both businesses and consumers. These disruptions bring to light an organization's supply chain dependencies, which they were often unaware of when everything was running smoothly.

Re-shoring is one solution that is gaining popularity as a result of pandemic-related issues. Companies can lower the risk of disruptions by shortening the supply chain and moving manufacturing close to the points of sale to reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming transportation.

Nearly 75% of the 628 businesses surveyed in a recent study by the Institute for Supply Management reported that the COVID-19 outbreak caused disruptions to their supply chain. In the same survey, 57% of participants mentioned longer than usual wait times for orders with foreign suppliers. Given the widespread talk of an impending recession, businesses must take steps to prevent any disruptions in order to address potential problems.

In this webinar, Reshoring Institute founder Rosemary Coates will teach you:

  • What is happening in the supply chain today
  • How reshoring can help with disruptions
  • Supply chain trends to watch out for in 2023
  • How to reduce risk

September 1st, 2022 at 12:30 pm PT, 3:30 pm ET, 8:30 pm BST

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