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Women in Tech – Female CxOs Share their Challenges in Tech Startups – with Melissa Kwan, Alice de Courcy, Maja Voje, Laura Erdem & others


I asked DALLE to ‘Give me an image of a tech CEO’. It gave me two photos of a smartly-dressed young, white man in a corporate office setting. Then I tried regenerating the image to see on which try it would give me a tech CEO of a different gender (or colour). Recently, I did a little experiment. Because he is. Again…Why?

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Top App Development Agencies 2018–2019

The Product Coalition

After reading a bunch of content from other app development professionals, journalists, tech bloggers and the like, we realized that there are many good companies out there, and that everyone has a different favorite. It is based all over the world, with offices in Austin, Boston, Newcastle, London, Copenhagen and India.

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Here’s what our Business of Software Conference USA 2018 Speakers are Reading

Business of Software Conference

In honor of the recent passing of Gerald Weinberg, I’ll choose my favorite of his: The Secrets of Consulting. I’m also reading Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice and Frieda Kapor-Klein’s Giving Notice (a book about why it’s hard to keep a diverse workforce due to unintentional bias).