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Startup CTO or Developer

TechEmpower - Product Management

What does it mean to be a CTO for a startup? Should a startup CTO spend their time programming? The role of a CTO varies as the company matures. Here’s a graphic from Socal CTO that illustrates the roles as they change over time: In its earliest days, a startup’s top need is often to produce a product. It might be.

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Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions

Mironov Consulting

” It’s a rare executive who doesn’t push her/his VP Engineering or CTO hard on productivity, hiring ramps and fanciful notions about increased commitments leading to better outcomes. So I assume that roadmap reviews will surface deeper concerns like…. “Why aren’t we getting more done?”

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Guide to the Software Engineer Career Path

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Trying to better understand the software engineer career path? Want to know what your next steps are as an engineer as you make your way to CTO? An engineering career can go in many different directions depending on your technical skill set and what you want out of a job. We've got your covered.