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Women in Tech – Female CxOs Share their Challenges in Tech Startups – with Melissa Kwan, Alice de Courcy, Maja Voje, Laura Erdem & others


Keep reading to learn from the inspiring stories* of: Melissa Kwan – CEO and founder of ewebinar Alice de Courcy – Group Chief Marketing Officer at Cognism Maja Voje – Best-selling Author of GTM Strategist , Go-To-Market Advisor & Mentor to +400 tech startups inc. Sima Banijamali – Sr. Laura : “I haven’t.

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Top App Development Agencies 2018–2019

The Product Coalition

to find this year’s top app development agencies. After reading a bunch of content from other app development professionals, journalists, tech bloggers and the like, we realized that there are many good companies out there, and that everyone has a different favorite. It develops for Android and iOS, but also for the web.

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Leading A High-Growth Company | David Cancel, Drift | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

Originally software engineer, long time ago no one on my team believes that anymore that I ever coded and then have started five companies and Drift is the fifth. But you know in 2009 we started performing two thousand like 18 months later. ML : Describe David Cancel. DC : In 30 seconds? ML : Fantastic. What was the first company?