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2022 Customer Service Quality Benchmark Report: A roundtable on support strategies for the year ahead

Intercom, Inc.

With the 2022 Customer Service Quality Benchmark Report , we wanted to look deeper than individual metrics. After all, while metrics help us measure the impact of our work, they only support a narrative. Then, it’s a matter of investing on onboarding and set them up for success. Martin Kõiva , Founder & CEO of Klaus.

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Customer Success Platform- An In-Depth Comparison of The Best Tools To Use In 2022


Is your customer success platform up to scratch for 2022? If your customer engagement levels are not where they need to be, maybe it’s time to look at the customer success software you’re using again? When choosing customer success software, consider: (i) ease of adoption, (ii) is it no-code?, (iii)

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How to Keep on top of Trends that Matter to Product Managers

Department of Product

How to Keep on top of Trends that Matter to Product Managers Decide when to care about trends and when to sit back and watch what happens next Trends and the product lifecycle Imagine your product strategy stayed exactly the same for the next 10 years. What would happen? Others will fail. It’s impossible for one person to do.