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5 Climate Tech Startups to Watch


Climate tech, which refers to technologies and businesses focused on combating climate change , such as reducing CO2 emissions and combating global warming, is gaining momentum, especially in the United States. Climate tech funding has increased significantly. The market size of climate tech in the U.S.

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Mobile App Development for the Insurtech Sector: A Quick Guide

The Product Coalition

The term insurtech is the merger of insurance and technology. trillion USD by 2025. In an insurance app, this is the place where customers get to view all their information in a single place like their personal details, customer ids, policy number, reminders about due payments, etc. The same stands for the insurance company.


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Is open-source software destined to be our future?

The Product Coalition

Python, a popular programming language, is likewise free and open. Accordingly, it is not an exaggeration to argue that open-source is the foundation of so much technology we use every day. We apply technology to do our jobs, learn, and engage with the world. Therefore, it has a large contributor community.

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Growing digital product development trends in 2023

Modus Create

You don’t have to provision servers to run apps, storage systems, or databases at any scale. Technically, serverless isn’t really “server less” as there are still servers that run your application, but they are managed by your cloud provider (read: out of sight, out of mind.) billion in value. It’s also an organizational change.