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Casino Game App Development: What Game Enthusiasts Need to Know

The Product Coalition

But today, the advancement of technology helps you to become more accessible to gamblers. The market is rapidly evolving and it is expected that the online gambing enterprise will reach $97 Billion by 2025. The market has seen a rise in demand for casino software developers due to the game’s worldwide appeal.

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Major Migrations Are An Organizational Challenge, Not Just a Technical Challenge

Mironov Consulting

 Usually the discussion is highly technical: APIs, data transformation, feature ladders.  But  But most of the migration failures I see are driven by organizations’ unwillingness or inability to stick with the very hard choices that B2B/enterprise migrations demand.  We


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Is open-source software destined to be our future?

The Product Coalition

Accordingly, it is not an exaggeration to argue that open-source is the foundation of so much technology we use every day. We apply technology to do our jobs, learn, and engage with the world. And its influence continues to expand, democratizing technology today and fostering innovation in the future.

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Understanding Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and What They Do

eG Innovations

The field of information technology has advanced at a breakneck pace in the last 20 years. Hence, it has become imperative for any business to know and adopt technologies that can make them productive and more competent at the same time. Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2025, the industry will have surpassed USD 350 billion.

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Product Positioning for Product Managers

Department of Product

But a target customer for Audi may perceive higher value due to the connection to Porsche. The company’s mission is to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. Earlier this year, Mark Frohnmayer revealed a third generation prototype eTrike with tilting technology to improve maneuverability.

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Growing digital product development trends in 2023

Modus Create

We‘ve identified six digital product development trends gaining traction among enterprises across industries and markets. These trends are based on feedback from our projects with several global 2000 enterprises and reinforced by a prominent uptick in Google Trends (which tracks what people search for over a period of time).