Fri.Apr 07, 2023

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Hiring product managers by Kate Leto

Mind the Product

In this ProductTank Edinburgh talk, independent product consultant and organisation design consultant Kate Leto talks about how to approach hiring in a different way. Watch the video in full, or read here for an overview of her key points: Working towards a balanced product practice by focusing on human skills, as well as technical. 3 Read more » The post Hiring product managers by Kate Leto appeared first on Mind the Product.

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5 Types of B2B Customer Insights for SaaS and How to Collect Them [+Best Tools]


What are the different types of B2B customer insights for SaaS businesses? When your product is catering to other businesses, it can be difficult for sales reps and other teams to understand the needs and experiences of the clients, especially if the client company sells multiple products. However, customer insights can help your teams understand all aspects of your B2B partners.


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3 Ways to Build Scalable Product Roadmapping Processes and Grow Your Impact


A product roadmap is only as valuable as it is realistic. It sets the course for an entire organization, defining the success of the business and impacting every team. Too often, roadmaps fail to align all functions around the product vision; they lack clear details around customer needs, and aren’t fully centered on the business strategy. Productboard’s new Product Roadmap Playbook outlines.

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9 Types of Survey Questions to Collect Insightful Feedback [+Examples]


What types of survey questions should you use to collect valuable feedback? It is essential to identify the types of survey questions that work best and utilize them to gain insights into user sentiment. Insightful questions can help you create compelling surveys that yield actionable feedback. In this article, we’ll go through 9 types of survey questions and their examples that can help you get insightful feedback about your products and user experiences.

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Product Management Careers: Job Prospects, Pathways, and Must-Have Skills (2024)

The product management job market in 2024 reflects the fast-growing and ever-evolving nature of the field. For product managers looking to future-proof their careers and take advantage of new opportunities, staying informed about the professional landscape is a smart move. In this comprehensive career guide from Regis College, you’ll learn about: The current job outlook for product managers in 2024 Six professional pathways and the average salaries for these roles in the U.S.

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How to drive digital growth with Trymata’s Product Analytics


Happy users drive growth for online businesses! With the right product analytics tools, you can gain insight into customer behavior, understand user frustrations, and optimize your site for a better user experience. The post How to drive digital growth with Trymata’s Product Analytics appeared first on The Trymata blog.