August, 2012

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Smart, Simple, and Easy To Use!

Product Management and Strategic Marketing

On the opening night of the Olympics, we decided to make popcorn to enhance our viewing experience. As we’ve done many times before, we placed a colored paper bag in the microwave with kernels, hit the start button and lo and behold-- the bag caught fire. As a person who plans ahead, I had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I attempted to use it when everything went haywire; I pulled the stopper off and pressed on the lever, and nothing happened.

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Tools to help you with your book purchase


So after defining the importance of having a library in my last post, I wanted to come up with ideas to help you and of course my self to get the Library loaded up in a cost effective way. This post is aimed to serve that purpose. I will be covering the 3 best places that I use to purchase books and fill all the shelves of my Library cupboard. To keep the post crisp and relevant, I am will concentrate only on the places where you have to shell out money to buy books.

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