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Product Tours In 2021: The Ultimate Guide


Product tours are an essential way to onboard users in your app. Yet, all too often, SaaS businesses see their customers not completing the product tour, or even churning during the onboarding stage. We generally advise against linear, top-down product tours. Using product tour software is a better decision.

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These 5 Coding Bootcamps Are Worth Considering

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Software development is one of the few highly skilled occupations that doesn’t require any professional certification. To fill growing demand for skilled developers, coding bootcamps began popping up in 2012. Course Report has followed the coding bootcamp industry since 2013. I could do this.“ It’s accessible.

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The Making of Product Managers: Negar’s Story

The Product Coalition

Then she decided to acquire technical skills in web development to get closer to the product development process. After attending a web development boot camp and working as a web developer at a small startup, she got the opportunity to become a product manager. Unfortunately, there were none.