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16 Customer Acquisition Strategies To Increase Conversion Rates


As you read on, you will learn: The power of search engines, content marketing, and existing user testimonials and how to leverage them to win new users. In-app strategies for converting free or trial users to paying customers. To get quicker results, you’ll need to leverage paid marketing. This article shows you how.

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Market Research vs User Research: How To Overcome Uncertainty

UX Studio

But by doing the right research at the right time, you can get the information you need to advance. Easier said than done… Is it not just a question of market research vs user research? We wrote this to help you choose the right research methods more easily. So many questions regarding research.


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How to get stakeholder buy-in for user research: 31 expert tips


Armed with the proper tools, guidance and methods of communication, you should be able to convince anyone within your organisation about the value of user research and the positive impact it will have on the bottom line – without resorting to cattle-prods, lies or locking yourself in the stationery cupboard and having a very loud cry.

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Make New Product Features Stick

The Product Guy

A marketer or market researcher may view patterns in terms of demographics and buying activity. A user researcher or other UX practitioner may group users by patterns in their behavior, both inside and outside your product. Our app is now integrated with [Maps App X]”? Which message is more effective?

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How to Conduct a Brand Research – Practical Guide with a Case Study

UX Studio

Let’s jump into branding research! It will take you just eight minutes to read this article, you will know about: An “inclusive” marketing strategy. When does the time come for this type of research? A snapshot of tools and techniques. How we conducted brand research on our UX studio brand. Do research!

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It’s Time to Bring Beta into the 21st Century


In the early 90s, the technological landscape was a very different place. And the idea of a home filled with technology that could wirelessly communicate not only with you but other pieces of technology was, for most, as out of reach as something on the Jetsons. What many haven’t done is changed the way they beta test.

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Do Your Customers Really Want to Pay Less?

The Product Coalition

A customer persona is a great tool here since it helps you get into their general mindset and not just the specific interaction with your product. To test yourself, see where are you making compromises that are based on the assumption of one or more such constraints. From budget and headcount to structure, politics, and even culture.