Fri.Jan 20, 2023

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Understanding product ops with Taylor Belchak

Mind the Product

In this digital breakout session at #mtpcon London 2022, Taylor Belchak, Product Operations Lead at Deliveroo, discusses product operations and why they are essential to business success. Watch this video or read on for key highlights from the talk. The emergence of product operations Product operations develop with the business growth. Businesses at their initial [.

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Digital Customer Success Strategies That Drive Expansion and Renewal


Sabina Pons is Operating Partner at Growth Molecules and a 2022 Top 100 CS Strategist. We recently covered how Customer Success (CS) teams can create digital scale at moments of truth during the implementation and adoption phases of the customer lifecycle. Building upon that strong foundation, you can also add digital-led strategies to critical moments such as revenue expansion opportunities and contract renewal.

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Customer Support Tools Breakdown in 2023: Which One Fits Your SaaS Tool Stack?


When choosing an appropriate customer support tool, you want to make sure that it ticks all the boxes your team requires. After all, customer support interactions can be some of the most memorable opportunities to impress a user in need of assistance. So, congratulations! You’re off to a good start by researching the available options. Customers often hope to interact with a company on multiple levels – email, phone, chat, and social media.