Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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SUNDAY REWIND: The magic of thinking big by Lenny Rachitsky

Mind the Product

This Sunday Rewind, we look back to #mtpcon Digital Americas, when Lenny Rachitsky, Author of LennysNewsletter and former Product Lead at Airbnb shared a story of how his team transformed the company’s booking conversion rate by thinking really big. Read more » The post SUNDAY REWIND: The magic of thinking big by Lenny Rachitsky appeared first on Mind the Product.

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3 Reasons to Pay Attention to Retention


Learn why and how measuring user retention across all lifecycle stages is essential to sustainable growth.


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Have the Product Data

The Product Guy

Often the hardest lesson in product management can be to have the data. Watch and learn more from product management expert, Meghan Nesta.

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Roadmapping for 2024 | Roadmunk


A guide through the best practices for roadmapping in 2024, how to approach your yearly plans, and the tools to pick up to help align your teams easier.

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The Best Product Strategy Is a Customer-Facing Portfolio Strategy

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

You know that sinking feeling. You’ve come up with a winning product strategy, everyone’s on board and energized, and you’re halfway down the path to execution only to have it submarined by something someone convinced your leadership was more strategic! It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar and it exemplifies one of the biggest struggles with individual product strategies.