Sat.May 06, 2023

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The Lessons of Thoughtful Leadership

Ronke PM

Table of Contents What is thoughtful leadership? Why thoughtful leadership is important in product management Final thoughts Each day brings new opportunities to impact someone else’s life story. This possibility invigorates a spark every morning and motivates me to become an architect of thoughtful leadership. Although I am aware that there’s no perfect solution to the challenges I face in my daily life, I am filled with aspirations, ideas, and idealizations without preeminence.

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Those Customer Requests in Your Backlog

The Product Coalition

Your customers seem to want new features all the time. If they use your product, that’s a great signal — it means they care and they want to do more with it. But you end up with an endless list of features in your backlog. Here is a quick guide to managing them. Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash My daughter recently got for her birthday the Monopoly Cheaters Edition board game.