October, 2012

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Who’s in Your Draft Pick?

Sachin Rekhi

Throughout our careers, we are often lucky enough to work with a few individuals that far exceed our expectations, have the ability to move mountains, and inspire us to do our best work. These individuals are often directly responsible for our own success as well as the success of our projects and direct contributors to our proudest professional accomplishments.

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How Rocky Balboa knocked down Drago?


I was on a business trip last week. Post a hectic day, I went to the Hotel room, switched ON the TV and what I see " Rocky IV" is in action. I got glued to the TV and the 1.5 hours were well spent. I got completely refreshed and I feel I became more fit to be in the ring of Life. I thought why not I share this fitness tips with you all… For those who have not seen the movie, this is the context.

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