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How to be a great product manager during a recession

Product Management Unpacked

The 9/11 Recession: (March 2001 – November 2001). We are no longer in growth mode, it’s not about competitive differentiation to win new deals; it is about customer retention to keep subscriptions and renewals coming in. Prioritize your roadmap for customers. Look at the roadmap. It’s a downturn.

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Branding Yourself as a Product

Pragmatic Marketing

Unfortunately, in 2001 as the dot-com boom went bust, Fujitsu, for the first time in the company’s history, lost money. But you should still build a roadmap that answers this question: Where do you plan to be in two years, five years, 10 years? And you must regularly refresh your career roadmap, just as you would for a product.


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Top 7 Web Designers in California, USA

UX Studio

Whether it’s adjusting the team setup, or refining the roadmap, we’re open to changes. 2 – Studio 22 Design About the Agency Studio 22 Design was founded by Rocky Tilney in 2001. From platform and transformation roadmaps to technical and CMS consulting. Flexibility is a key aspect of our approach.

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Why we need Product Management, with Rich Mironov


Audience: Roadmaps. Rich Mironov: Roadmaps. They don’t actually care about roadmaps, but yeah. Rich Mironov: So, what they’re really looking for is a revenue forecast and maybe some commitments and roadmaps. Not a differentiator. Last thing. Don’t waste your time.

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The Digital Workspace Monitoring Journey

eG Innovations

I joined eG Innovations in 2001 when the company was an infant. Different types of dashboards and visualizations is one way in which we differentiate our product from others. So, defining a product roadmap and sticking to it can be a challenge. One of our key differentiators at eG Innovations has been domain expertise.

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Is Agile Product Development Right for Your Team?

The Product Coalition

Yes, people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were intelligent designers; but what was it that differentiated their working approach from other methodologies ? Famously, in 2001, around twenty tech personalities published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Efforts should be applied sensibly through the roadmap.

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The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation. And so a bunch of people came together, they started sharing what they were doing, they started asking what can we do differently, and a lot of this frustration culminated in 2001 with the release of The Agile Manifesto. This becomes their discovery roadmap.