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How to Prepare Banks for Digital Transformation

The Product Coalition

For many years CSSSR has been developing IT systems for the biggest online banks, witnessing their success firsthand. This experience has led to several key insights: You Don’t Need a Large IT Department “We operate in small teams. To begin with, the development of new functionality requires considerable resources, including people.

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10 Tips For Operating A Virtual Customer Success Organization


And that’s driven thousands of customer success professionals who were used to seeing their clients and teams every day to learn the ins and outs of “virtual” CS. Thanks to many, including Marco Innocenti and the team at Zoom, as well as Jay Nathan. Do they want to use a different video technology than the one you prefer?


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Product Manager: Seeking Help

The Product Guy

Focus on empowering your reports with the context and even provide feedback on recommended phrasing so the contributor on your team can successfully influence and navigate solutions. I am working on a fairly large scale project with my manager that touches multiple tech teams.

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Collect’s founder Alex Delivet on automating data collection

Intercom, Inc.

After running the first editions of the conference by himself, Alex sold B2B Rocks and, in 2019, he founded Collect , a platform that helps businesses collect and manage client documents, in the hopes that by putting this process on autopilot, teams can be more productive and focus their energy on bigger things. Alex: A lot.

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What is Software Piracy?


Interestingly, BSA | The Software Alliance, which regular publishes studies on global piracy rates, stopped using the term “software piracy” after its 2011 BSA Global Software Piracy Study (published in May 2012) and began using the term “unlicensed software” in its place as of its 2013 Global Software Survey (published in June 2014).

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Trapped in Product Death Cycle?

The Product Cafe

Have you ever wondered why, despite listening intently to your customers and diligently building the features they ask for, your product still struggles to gain traction? In 2014, David J Bland introduced this eye-opening concept in a tweet. If this scenario sounds familiar, you might be caught in the vicious Product Death Cycle.