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The Disproportionate Impact of Coaching on Startup Survival

Bain Public

It is a known fact that startups which are accompanied or coached, view their chances of success as being much higher compared to those that are not. The right mentoring and coaching support facilitates a startup’s transformation and enables roadmap planning and execution, without straying from the ultimate vision and goal.

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Don’t Miss These Speakers at #mtpcon San Francisco

Mind the Product

Leisa Reichelt, Head of Research and Insights at Atlassian. Cindy Alvarez, Author and Principle Researcher at Microsoft. Nir is also an active investor in habit-forming technologies. Kate Leto, Product Coach. Christina currently teaches at Stanford on the HCI program in Computer Science. Get your tickets.

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Solve a Hard Problem (Tinder). Chapter 8 of my upcoming book, The Cold Start Problem

Andrew Chen

It’s the story of how messaging apps, marketplaces, workplace collaboration tools, multiplayer games, all share a common thread of being products that connect people with each other. For app stores, these are the developers that actually create the products. The other side of the network will follow. The question is, how?