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Strategic Product Management: The Role of a Strategic Product Manager


Product managers conduct primary and secondary market and customer research to find the target market and identify opportunities that existing products don’t satisfy. They tell the product management team what they need to achieve. Activities for strategic product managers. Conduct market research.

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The Activities of a Strategic Product Manager


Strategic Roadmap : Develop a cross-functional strategic roadmap that factors in dependencies needing alignment (sales and marketing efforts related to a product launch, for example). Divide and Conquer the Activities of Strategic Product Managers. Common inbound effort activities include: Setting the vision.

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Why is The Best Customer Support a nice-to-have Strategy!


One-to-one communication: if you’re planning a strategy for your product launch, you put a lot of thoughts into your marketing activities and which channels you should handle. From creating a Facebook & Twitter page to establishing a product landing page, to spreading your story on Product Hunt , Reddit or Hacker News.