Sun.May 07, 2023

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SUNDAY REWIND: The psychology behind successful products by Nathalie Nahai

Mind the Product

This week’s Sunday Rewind is a #mtpcon San Francisco talk by author and web psychologist Nathalie Nahai called The psychology behind successful products. Read more » The post SUNDAY REWIND: The psychology behind successful products by Nathalie Nahai appeared first on Mind the Product.

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How Automatic Speech Recognition Drives Future Voice Technology

The Product Coalition

Thanks to the ongoing development of Automatic Speech Recognition technology, we are rapidly approaching the potential future scenario. Examining the history of computer science reveals distinct generational lines that are defined by the input technique. How does information travel from our brains to the computer? We can link computing gains to digital interfaces from punch-card computers through keyboards to pocket-sized touch displays.


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Bringing Product Insights into Marketing


Learn how combining marketing and product analytics into one platform can help marketing teams leverage product data to improve campaigns.

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A Simple Framework for Identifying the Real User Problems

The Product Coalition

“If there is no problem, there is no solution, and no reason for a company to exist.

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Platform Product Management Beyond Features: Introducing B-MAP for Platform Ecosystem Success

Traditional PM struggles with the complexities of platform ecosystems. B-MAP framework tackles this challenge. B-MAP goes beyond features, focusing on building, managing, adapting, and partnering to foster a thriving platform ecosystem.