Sun.Sep 03, 2023

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SUNDAY REWIND: Purpose-driven product by Bruce Haldane

Mind the Product

Gojek’s then Chief Product Officer Bruce Haldane talks about the importance of protecting the ecosystem through a global pandemic, and adapting to scale Read more » The post SUNDAY REWIND: Purpose-driven product by Bruce Haldane appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Continuously Connect to Product

The Product Guy

They interact with as many people as possible. They cycle back to those KPIs. They ask themselves is this something we should be working on. They are the great product managers. Watch and learn more from product management expert, Kirsten Jepson.

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Kyle Bazzy at BoS USA 2023

Business of Software Conference

Demand Side Sales at Autobooks STRATEGY SALES CULTURE Find out more about BoS USA 23 Book Now Learn how great SaaS & software companies are run We produce exceptional conferences & content that will help you build better products & companies. Join our friendly list for event updates, ideas & inspiration. Unsubscribe any time. We will never sell your email address.

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