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15 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools in 2024


User behavior analytics tools are an essential part of the modern product manager’s toolkit. These robust tools help you track and analyze crucial user behavior data. This article explores the top behavioral analytics tools to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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14 Zendesk Integrations SaaS Companies Need in 2023


Are you looking for Zendesk integrations to boost the efficiency of your self-service customer support? The article explores the best Zendesk integrations for: Customer support Customer feedback Productivity Email and social media communication Analytics and reporting Let's get right to it!


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How Gainsight’s Manager of CS Operations Improves Efficiency With Horizon Analytics


We are our own harshest critics, and I love giving the product team feedback as I run the Gainsight platform for Gainsight. . With the recent release of Gainsight’s Horizon Analytics, my team and I started using the beta version’s tools and functions as soon as they were available. Analytics – Simplified.

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The Best Customer Feedback Analysis Guide in 2021


You can collect customer feedback in a variety of ways: Messenger tools Social media Email. You can easily write out a generic understanding of what you see in your customer feedback software. That’s why we recommend proper tools that help you receive specific and actionable insights. Better products and services.

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How to Build Your Dream Analytics Stack


A strong analytics stack is foundational to being able to make sense of it all. Investing in a robust and efficient analytics stack is a necessity for a modern business in order to compete. It empowers each team across the organization to make data-driven decisions, with access to reporting and ad hoc analysis. .

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Team ’22 Recap — Highlights from Atlassian’s Flagship Conference

Modus Create

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and an official sponsor, our team at Modus Create attended the entire three-day event. There were multiple sessions and discussions on modern practices, ways customers use and benefit from Atlassian tools. . Atlassian intends to make Atlas the go-to tool for internal company updates. .

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Product Operations: Unlock Your Product Team’s Full Potential

The Product Coalition

Key Tasks User issues reports. Identify key quality metrics and create dashboards to track real-time product health. Bug Service Level Agreement (SLA). Bug Service Level Agreement (SLA). Implement project management software and establish standards for tracking and reporting on progress across teams.