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Women in Product Management: Marie-Pierre Belanger, VP Digital Solutions Product Management at Pitney Bowes

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My dad is a physicist in laser optics and he advised me not to go into pure science because there were no jobs. I started in technical support and I was good at training clients too. Along the way, I moved from the traditional field of fiber optics and wireless microwave radio networks to software. I really enjoyed that degree.

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The 10th Annual Product Management Awards Winners

The Product Guy

Initially joining Vydia in 2016, Gaudio played a pivotal role in building and leading the company’s marketing division, which helped earn Vydia recognition for its innovative product, fast-growing business, and attractive culture. and Automata Robotics over the last decade. The Best Product Consultant. Drew Falkman.

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How to Avoid Costly Surprises in Connected Product Design

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By defining these early in the development process, a product designer can advise you on how to hit your targets, as well as point out things to avoid. Many companies forget that it is advisable to keep product specifications restrained. The countries you plan to sell your product into will also drive development costs.