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15 Best Product Management Software Tools for PMs in 2023


It takes a fair bit of effort and time to keep up with the constant innovation in the product management software space. The tools are constantly evolving and changing their pricing plans, so it may be difficult to ensure that your product team is using the right tools and getting the best value for the money.

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14 Zendesk Integrations SaaS Companies Need in 2023


Are you looking for Zendesk integrations to boost the efficiency of your self-service customer support? The article explores the best Zendesk integrations for: Customer support Customer feedback Productivity Email and social media communication Analytics and reporting Let's get right to it! If so, you’re in the right place!


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How “Better Together” Technology Combinations Drives Better Agility

TIBCO - Thought Leadership

Innovative technology is the solution. But technology is also a challenge, as too many tools are inefficient and too few tools are incomplete. As an example, TIBCO ® Data Virtualization is pre-integrated with TIBCO’s flagship BI tool, Spotfire ® , but it also works well with Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

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Who is the Product Operations Manager?


Implementing or optimizing systems and processes. Implementing or Optimizing Systems and Processes. Even the best systems and processes need a champion to ensure they run smoothly. A product operations manager can optimize the product team’s systems and processes. Ensuring timely, audience-appropriate communication.

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The Best Customer Feedback Analysis Guide in 2021


You can collect customer feedback in a variety of ways: Messenger tools Social media Email. You can easily write out a generic understanding of what you see in your customer feedback software. That’s why we recommend proper tools that help you receive specific and actionable insights. Better products and services.

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Data Science Career Path: Your Complete Guide

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Three huge economic sectors employ the majority of data scientists or analysts: finance, insurance and professional services. Data analytics professionals are typically comfortable with a wide range of technical programs and tech tools and are also skilled at coding.

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Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Lorna Henri Tackles Technical CS At Scale


That all leads to a lot of self-service, tinkering, and experimenting, which in turn leads to high-growth potential sales at innovative companies like Facebook, Strava, Tableau, and Snap. . Over time, our platform tends to expand organically at a company—but it also can reach a point where the budget is high.