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How Netflix builds a culture of excellence | Elizabeth Stone (CTO)

Lenny Rachitsky

. • Sendbird —The (all-in-one) communications API platform for mobile apps • Explo —Embed customer-facing analytics in your product — Elizabeth Stone is the chief technology officer of Netflix. The annual cycle focuses on gathering feedback for the sake of improvement rather than assigning ratings.

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Top 10 Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2020

The Product Coalition

Global Services has even named Ho Chi Ming City one of the best cities in the world for software outsourcing due to the attractiveness of the production cost. Another appealing reason to hire a Vietnamese software development team is the quality of services. million tech graduates each year. It releases up to 4.7

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How to Ace the Google GCA (General Cognitive Ability) Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

You'll be asked behaviorals in one way or another during every tech interview. Tell me about a time you faced technical and people challenges simultaneously. What would you do if you were introduced to new technology and never used it before? What is the market size for driverless cars in 2025?