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How Automatic Speech Recognition Drives Future Voice Technology

The Product Coalition

billion by 2029. during the forecast period (2023–2029). On-going trends in automatic speech recognition market (update 2023) Voice and automatic speech recognition technology is becoming the foundation for numerous advanced voice services. It expanded at a CAGR of 23.7% What follows are a few of the current trends in this market.

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Deliciously Smart: Exploring the Role of AI in Food Industry

UX Planet

The food market is increasing at a CAGR of 38.30% and, by 2029, it is projected to reach USD 48.99 Artificial Intelligence in the food industry The market statistics for food industry technologies show growth. Together with the drinks sector, it is expected to exceed USD 9.68


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7 Reasons Why Developers Need To Embrace UX Design


But here’s the deal: the demand for software developers is growing by 22% every year until 2029. Unfortunately, prioritizing the user and keeping their feelings in check is not taught in coding courses. And while there are more jobs than before, there are also more developers vying for them.

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Supporting Circular IT and Zero Waste Strategies with Flexible Licensing

eG Innovations

by 2029, the circular economy will be the only economy, replacing wasteful linear economies. Features such as the Inventory View, allow systems that will become obsolete to be identified, rationalized and consolidated. Reducing the SKUs present is often a key tenet of a cost-effective recycling strategy. According to Gartner, Inc.,