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Maximizing Productivity: A Practical Guide to ChatGPT Product Management

The Product Coalition

We are living in exciting times — the area of the rise of AI tools. Product Management is a challenging and dynamic field that requires constant adaptation to new technological developments on the one hand and changing customer and market demands on the other hand. You probably heard about chatGPT and the daily changes in the field.

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How Using ChatGPT for Product Management is a Valuable Time-Saver


With the release of ChatGPT, it seems like a digital assistant has arrived. Breaking-edge technology usually feels like something that requires advanced technical knowledge. ChatGPT on the other hand is easy to access, use and train for anyone. In this article, we’ll explore what ChatGPT is and how it works.

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2022 on Inside Intercom

Intercom, Inc.

We’ve made it to the end of 2022 – 12 months in which everything changed for the tech industry. After booming for the best part of two decades, a number of factors coincided to transform the SaaS landscape and tech more broadly. Announcing ‘The Intercom Customer Support Trends Report for 2022’. Well that was quite the year.

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March Madness, AI Style

Crafty CTO

Let me take a rough hack at a definition that I feel lines up with the reality of the tools that are our subject matter: A system capable of doing tasks that humans can’t do, reasonably or at all, which therefore can therefore augment human capabilities. My personal experience mirrors these reports. predecessor.

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Permission To Stay Focused

Mironov Consulting

Some context: The typical product manager ( PdM ) gets dozens of new requests and demands and ideas and suggestions and escalations and bug reports and customer complaints and ChatGPT-generated word salads each day.  Crack the WIP Agilists and systems thinkers call this the WIP/Work in Progress.  There’s

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How to Use AI to Create Great Customer Education Course Content


The use cases for AI are endless but most commonly tied to industries like healthcare, financial services, transportation, retail, energy, and manufacturing. AI in Digital Customer Education Like most technology, the ways customer education teams can use AI are constantly growing. by 2028, up from $6.8b

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Growing digital product development trends in 2023

Modus Create

You don’t have to provision servers to run apps, storage systems, or databases at any scale. Technically, serverless isn’t really “server less” as there are still servers that run your application, but they are managed by your cloud provider (read: out of sight, out of mind.) billion in value. It’s also an organizational change.