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24 AI Podcasts to Expand Your Knowledge & Explore the Future of Technology


In this article, we’ve selected 24 of the best AI podcasts for you to listen to improve your knowledge of AI and keep up to date with the future of AI technology in product management and more. The platform encourages audience interaction, where listeners can suggest and vote for future episode topics. TL;DR

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Maximizing Productivity: A Practical Guide to ChatGPT Product Management

The Product Coalition

We are living in exciting times — the area of the rise of AI tools. Product Management is a challenging and dynamic field that requires constant adaptation to new technological developments on the one hand and changing customer and market demands on the other hand. You probably heard about chatGPT and the daily changes in the field.

ChatGPT 97

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You are a builder. Can AI replace you?


And what makes you a builder is not just your ability to code, sketch an illustration, or write copy for a marketing campaign; it’s that you handle everything involved in taking an idea to a finished product. But how far off are we from this technology no longer needing us humans to guide it in the building process? You are a builder.

ChatGPT 52
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Guide To Leveraging AI Tools For Customer Success Managers


A powerful AI tool can be the perfect companion to your customer success platform. However, AI tools also come with their own caveats. In this article, we will explore: How to leverage AI tools for customer success and retention. Best AI tools for customer success managers (CSMs).

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March Madness, AI Style

Crafty CTO

Let me take a rough hack at a definition that I feel lines up with the reality of the tools that are our subject matter: A system capable of doing tasks that humans can’t do, reasonably or at all, which therefore can therefore augment human capabilities. Caveat: a few days later, OpenAI released GPT-4, with premium prices.)

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AI in UX Writing – How It Can Improve Your Product Design Work

UX Studio

Despite its decades-long history, most of it is still in its infancy, but as technology is developing, AI will very soon have its own and well-deserved place at the table – if not already. Using machine learning and natural language processing, AI writing tools can create texts that feel and sound like. How can AI help Products?

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Product Management Performance Reimagined: Embracing Collaboration Over Credit

People-First Product Leadership

Some HR tools and organizations are pivoting in this direction, encouraging individuals to provide comments throughout the year. As you can likely guess if you’ve been following this newsletter, I fall on the side of favoring collaboration as being a key area of focus for performance reviews. Put aside hierarchy and silos.