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What Do Product Leaders Do?

Mironov Consulting

That maps to titles like Director of Product Management, Group Product Manager, VP of Products, or Chief Product Officer. There may also be some designers or a few developers reporting into such roles, but I’m focused away from CTO and VP Engineering roles where the majority of staff are developers. . We learn by doing.

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Women in Tech – Female CxOs Share their Challenges in Tech Startups – with Melissa Kwan, Alice de Courcy, Maja Voje, Laura Erdem & others


I asked DALLE to ‘Give me an image of a tech CEO’. It gave me two photos of a smartly-dressed young, white man in a corporate office setting. Then I tried regenerating the image to see on which try it would give me a tech CEO of a different gender (or colour). Recently, I did a little experiment. Because he is. Again…Why?


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Why CEOs Should Not Be Our Primary Source of Customer Input

Mironov Consulting

A not-yet-generating-repeatable-revenue company of 6 people might have one architect/CTO, one designer, three other developers, and a CEO. So we know that the CEO is time-slicing to cover investor pitches and office space and recruiting and benefits and legal and setting product direction and stocking the kitchen with snacks.

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Blaise Transit, A Bain Public Client, Says 'No Problem' Heading Into 2023!

Bain Public

Founded by CEO Justin Hunt and CTO Ben Hudson, Blaise Transit is headquartered in Montreal and has been supported by some of the world’s top accelerators, including Techstars and Canada’s Next 36! They were awarded a province-wide contract consisting of 23 cities, which is the largest project of its size awarded to a single vendor in Canada.

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Our Q2 FY22 letter to shareholders


Large companies’ needs are becoming more complex due to emerging regulations around privacy and security. In a recent study we conducted in partnership with Forrester Research, 83% of tech leaders said open, interdepartmental collaboration is critical to their organization’s success. We recently added

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Top App Development Agencies 2018–2019

The Product Coalition

After reading a bunch of content from other app development professionals, journalists, tech bloggers and the like, we realized that there are many good companies out there, and that everyone has a different favorite. It is based all over the world, with offices in Austin, Boston, Newcastle, London, Copenhagen and India.