Sat.Jul 01, 2023

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Hugo Responsive Images, Thanks to Bryce and ChatGPT

Crafty CTO

I’d been using a community Hugo module that supposedly enabled responsive images. I discovered recently that it was always resulting in the lowest resolution images being served up. Active Hugo community member Bryce Wray has written about Hugo responsive images. So yesterday I made an attempt to implement his approach and was 75% there when I discovered that it was, ironically, always serving up the highest resolution images.

ChatGPT 52
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Upgrading our testing framework to Cypress 12


We recently decided it was time to move from Cypress 9 to Cypress 12 on the platform team. Our testing framework hadn’t been scaling as fast as our engineering had over the last couple of months, and we were quickly finding ourselves in an increasingly sticky situation. We wanted to use this opportunity to restructure the test framework. We had a lot of unresolved technical debt.