Sat.Nov 18, 2023

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How to perform a period-over-period analysis?


Period-over-period analysis is one of the key ways to drive sustainable SaaS growth. The data obtained from the process lets you adapt and refine your strategies, ensuring you make proactive moves to improve key growth metrics. This article shows you: Five simple steps to perform period-over-period analysis. How to choose the date range for your analysis?

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? Community Wisdom: Co-founder matching program + Pricing strategies for new features in a product, balancing UX and functionality, managing non-ICP users in a freemium business model, and much more

Lenny Rachitsky

👋 Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of ✨ Community Wisdom ✨ a subscriber-only email, delivered every Friday, highlighting the most helpful conversations in our member-only Slack community. Co-founder matching program Founding a company is a goal of many people here. We believe at Lenny’s we have a significant opportunity to help community members who have aspirations to build their own business find their partner.

Naming 52

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How to Improve Recruitment Process?

TurnKey Labs

Welcome, HR maestros and company leaders! In the fast-paced world of tech, your recruitment process needs to be as cutting-edge as your products. At TurnKey, we’ve cracked the code for assembling top-notch teams, and now we’re sharing our secrets. Get ready to elevate your recruitment game and snag the best talent in the industry.

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User Path Analysis: Why You Need it And How to Use it


Knowing what your users like or dislike about your website or app can be extremely helpful, and user path analysis helps you uncover that. You can discover what paths your users take the most, and why, along with which paths they avoid or drop off from. These insights highlight potential opportunities for growth and pain points that need solving. In short, user path and product analysis are a necessity for all product managers trying to design a smooth user experience.

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7 Pitfalls for Apache Cassandra in Production

Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database that boasts an architecture that delivers high scalability, near 100% availability, and powerful read-and-write performance required for many data-heavy use cases. However, many developers and administrators who are new to this NoSQL database often encounter several challenges that can impact its performance.