July, 2012

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On Why You should have a Library…


I recently happened to attend a training program conducted by Dale Carnegie Training Institute. The Skill cycle The trainer talked about a Skill cycle that says Practice is what transforms knowledge into a skill.Very valid point. Follow this link to access the Presentation I am referring to. I thought for a while and a question popped up in my mind… Is it really possible to practice and experience everything that is needed for mastering a skill, to transform knowledge into a Skill… I don’t think

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Can product management be standardized?

Product Management and Strategic Marketing

As one of the organizers of product camp Boston last month, I was pleased to see so many attendees. We had nearly 40 sessions ranging from marketing to product management to running a start up. With so many takes and aspects of product management, it got me thinking: Can product management ever be standardized? Those of you familiar with PMI probably heard of the PMP certification.