Fri.Feb 09, 2024

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Product Planning is a Year-Round Endeavor


Sticking to inflexible annual planning cycles can introduce significant challenges in the era of rapid technological advancements. The static nature of traditional product planning cycles fails to consider quickly-improving technologies and unforeseen changes in the market. This approach can be a significant pitfall in today’s fast-paced environment, making your organization vulnerable to missed opportunities and increased risks.

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A case study: Building a fintech in 2022 and exiting it

Mind the Product

A case study highlighting key learnings from building and selling a fintech: from navigating regulatory challenges to adapting to market shifts. Read more » The post A case study: Building a fintech in 2022 and exiting it appeared first on Mind the Product.


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How Generative AI is Opening Up New Horizons for Branding Strategies


The rapid evolution of generative AI is revolutionizing branding strategies. More than just a technological tool, this evolution is having a profound impact on marketing approaches and brand storytelling. Generative AI is redefining brand identity and adding a new dimension to customer relationship building. It’s probably fair to say that this rapid change has left many branding and marketing professionals struggling to keep up.

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Fractional CFO: a Strategic Partner in Building a Tech Team

TurnKey Labs

Imagine navigating the high seas of the tech industry, where the winds of innovation blow fiercely, and the currents of competition are ever-shifting.

Agile 62
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Beyond the Basics of A/B Tests: Highly Innovative Experimentation Tactics You Need to Know

Speaker: Timothy Chan, PhD., Head of Data Science

Are you ready to move beyond the basics and take a deep dive into the cutting-edge techniques that are reshaping the landscape of experimentation? 🌐 From Sequential Testing to Multi-Armed Bandits, Switchback Experiments to Stratified Sampling, Timothy Chan, Data Science Lead, is here to unravel the mysteries of these powerful methodologies that are revolutionizing how we approach testing.

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60 Seconds of Johanna’s WIP for February 9, 2024

Johanna Rothman

This week, my podcast has what I just wrote in the speaking book. Enjoy! The transcript: I’m Johanna Rothman, and this is 60 Seconds of Johanna’s WIP for February 9, 2024, where I read an excerpt of just a minute of some writing in progress. This excerpt is from the speaking book, as yet untitled. You might have heard of this for public speaking: “Tell them what you will tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them.” That's a great start.