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The Benefits of DevOps for Legacy Businesses in the Digital Age

Valerian Tech

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of DevOps for legacy businesses and how a Fractional CTO can help overcome the challenges of DevOps adoption. First, legacy businesses often face cultural barriers and resistance to change when it comes to implementing new technologies and practices.

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Guide to the Software Engineer Career Path

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Want to know what your next steps are as an engineer as you make your way to CTO? Soft skills, such as communication, conflict management, and leadership, play a more vital role than hard, technical skills. Freelance or Contractor Finally, software engineers can also choose to go the way of freelancers or contract workers.


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Hiring a Head of Product

Mironov Consulting

Over the last three decades, across 10 full-time jobs and 150 consulting clients, I’ve headed up product teams 18 times (mostly as interim VP ) and helped another dozen companies choose their Head of Product. They come from professional services groups — which is all bespoke contracts and project management.

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When HiPPOs Use Their Power to Decide for Other People

Johanna Rothman

Many agile teams and product leaders assume they can make many product decisions on their own. A technical HiPPO, such as an architect or CTO, might overrule a design or architecture. See Leadership Tip #9: See and Stop MicroManagement—Learn to Trust Instead.). They use power-over , not power-with to decide.

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Be in a Band, not an Orchestra: how to Grow an Agile Product Team

Mind the Product

I was initially brought in as a freelance consultant by Simon Nelson, who had been recently appointed by the OU as CEO of its new venture. Many of these will probably be familiar to you from the agile manifesto but it required some convincing of a large traditional organisation like the OU. From Singer/Songwriter to Festival.

Agile 139
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Designing an Organization for a Product Approach, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

If you’re thinking about an agile transformation, you already know about feature teams. In this image, that’s the VP/CIO/CTO. Except, in an agile approach, product management (often via product owners) is an integral part of a high-performing agile team. Can they create an agile transformation?

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Conducting User Research in Product Management

The Product Guy

He is passionate about Lean and Agile Product management, innovative business models and business and product strategies. Paul is a member of the Boston Product Management Association, Boston CTO Club, the Boston-NY CTO HIT Club, co-founder of the Boston Jewish Outdoors Club and product management consultant.