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You are a builder. Can AI replace you?


And what makes you a builder is not just your ability to code, sketch an illustration, or write copy for a marketing campaign; it’s that you handle everything involved in taking an idea to a finished product. Is AI capable of thinking like a product manager and running a product dev project from zero to shipped? You are a builder.

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Revolutionizing Design with AI-Powered Design Systems

UX Planet

Building an AI Machine for Screen Generation The role of the design system team is clear, and it is to build and maintain the design system for all teams. Their goal is to facilitate the creation of screens and code faster for designers and developers. Here is an example of a test I did with ChatGPT. Communicate with UI


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March Madness, AI Style

Crafty CTO

Today’s acceleration is happening in the AI subspace I call Text AIs , which are based around Large Language Models (LLMs). The most famous Text AI is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, initially released just four months ago–though in the current mode of acceleration, those four months seem like ages.

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Intercom on Product: How ChatGPT changed everything

Intercom, Inc.

ChatGPT , OpenAI’s prototype artificial intelligence chatbot, launched last week and it has been making the rounds in the halls of the internet, inspiring amazed reactions from diehard techno-positivists to perpetual tech-skeptics. The bot is powered by GPT-3.5, ChatGPT’s big debut. Can ChatGPT be creative?

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Two Must-Have Figma AI Plugins to Transform Your Figma Workflow

UX Planet

Streamlining Your Design Workflow with Musho and UX Pilot in Figma AI technology, especially AI-powered tools, is changing our design process. Chatbots like ChatGPT, ‎Gemini, and Claude help us work more efficiently and allow us to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

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Mironov Consulting

We’re at the top of the AI/LMM/Chatbot hype cycle.   Stories range from “20 ways you can use ChatGPT to make your work easier” to “here’s how AI will end civilization as we know it.” Every biz publication is deliriously covering this.  And that they are technically feasible.

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24 AI Podcasts to Expand Your Knowledge & Explore the Future of Technology


The show, which aims to provide a broad understanding of these technologies, features detailed discussions on various aspects of AI, such as generative AI. Listen to TWIML AI podcast. #6: For the general curious audience, Brain Inspired offers an accessible journey into the complex worlds of neuroscience and AI.