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16 Customer Acquisition Strategies To Increase Conversion Rates


As you read on, you will learn: The power of search engines, content marketing, and existing user testimonials and how to leverage them to win new users. Leverage search engine optimization (SEO) in your marketing strategy Identify relevant keywords related to your product or service and optimize your website content accordingly.

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Best Resources for Data Folks

Iteratively Blog

Apache Kafka), distributed systems, and much more. ? Data Elixir is one of the top newsletters in the market sharing the best articles on machine learning, data visualization, analytics, and strategy. It’s one of the ace strategies to market your brand. Especially popular for their nano degrees , Udacity is a popular name.


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a16z Podcast: Why paid marketing sucks, Network effects, Viral Growth, and more

Andrew Chen

In the podcast, we cover a broad overview of growth/marketing topics, including: The natural “gravity” that slows down high-growth businesses. Organic, paid marketing, and LTV/CAC. Sonal: How do you determine what’s what when you don’t have product-market fit? Why blended CAC numbers are misleading.

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Consumer startups are awesome, and here’s what I’m looking for at a16z (70 slide deck)

Andrew Chen

Content marketing. The origin of the Michelin Guide and why content marketing still works. If the below deck is the macro view of how I’m looking at markets, industries, and technologies, then the metrics deck gives my POV on how to diligence each company. Reinventing traditional media (Podcasting, eBooks, etc).

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How to Start Screen Design and 8 Principles You Should Consider

UX Studio: Product Management

When we arrive at the page, we instantly see in the upper left corner that we landed on the page named NBC News. When doing interviews , we need to note the words used by our interviewees, so we can use their own words later in the product or marketing. Most news pages get a passing grade in the three-question test.

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UX Case Study: How We Designed A Bilingual Lifestyle Magazine

UX Studio

There we mapped out the project scope and potential fears, and gathered some knowledge about the market and the target audience. Since we mainly focused on the Arab market, we had to design all the screens in both English and Arabic when it came to the detailed UI. Design system. Arabic user interface.

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Six Types of Competition That You Must Be Aware Of

The Product Coalition

Photo by Alexei on Pxhere A few months after I joined Twiggle as the VP of Product, the CEO gave me a list of competitors to review. I could start comparing features and value statements, but there was a problem: I never met any of these names as part of our sales cycle. Here are six categories of competition that you must be aware of.