Thu.Feb 09, 2017

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How to Build Great Products in the AI World

Mind the Product

What does technology do to society? When technology and human ingenuity gets together, everybody in society profits. If you look at graphs of GDP / capita over long time periods (850 years+), the trend is always upwards. The only things that drag this progress down are severe periods of sickness (like the black death) and widespread war (such as WW2).

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5 Critical Checkpoints on the Product Roadmap

Rahul Abhyankar

On any road, there are the usual sign markers showing useful information, locations for services, and sometimes, checkpoints set up by law enforcement authorities. These checkpoints are intended to ensure compliance, e.g., sobriety, seat belts, or in other situations to reroute traffic due to hazardous conditions ahead, e.g.

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Intelligent Customer Service: Connected, Contextual, Consistent


This article was originally published on the Verint blog on 2/1/2017. Today's customer is smart, engaged, connected and informed. To keep pace with this new breed of customer, organizations must also become smarter and more connected. Your employees are the gateway to your customers, and the best way to help ensure they stay satisfied and loyal is to empower your employees with the tools and tactics to provide superior service.

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