Sun.Jul 18, 2021

SUNDAY REWIND: Reboot your team by Christina Wodtke

Mind the Product

You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work but for that to be the case, you need a team that’s working well together. In this Sunday Rewind, we go back to 2018 and Christina Wodtke’s San Francisco talk about how to reboot the team you have or build a healthy one from the [.]


Product Strategy 101: How to Continue When There Isn’t a Right Answer

The Product Coalition

Creating a product strategy is almost never a matter of answering a few simple questions and figuring it out. Moreover, it’s not like there is a right answer that is objectively true (and even if there was, you wouldn’t be able to know it). Sounds confusing? It is.

Explained: The Need for Product Analysts in a Product Team


Analysts help teams better define the goals they should set, so it’s not just a shot in the dark but based on data. They also make it easy to track progress against outcomes. Gokul Rajaraman. CEOs, CPOs and VPEs: The core product team has traditionally been a triad: Engineer, Designer, PM.