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10 Ways Product Roadmaps Empower Manufacturing Leadership

Gocious Blog

Product roadmaps are essential tools to help manufacturers of all sizes navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and development. The value that dynamic roadmaps deliver will depend on how product teams manage those roadmaps. Making regular updates and tracking key performance metrics (KPIs) is key to ensuring success across the entire product portfolio.

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How to choose the right product lifecycle

Mind the Product

w to choose and implement the right product lifecycle to drive innovation, mitigate risks, and delight customers. Read more » The post How to choose the right product lifecycle appeared first on Mind the Product.


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How AI will impact product management

Lenny Rachitsky

👋 Hey, I’m Lenny and welcome to a 🔒 subscriber-only edition 🔒 of my weekly newsletter. Each week I tackle reader questions about building product, driving growth, and accelerating your career. Subscribe now P.S. Check out my PM recruiting service (helping you hire Sr. PMs and VPs), Lennybot (an AI chatbot trained on my newsletter posts, podcast interviews, and more), and my swag store (great gifts for your favorite PM, or yourself!).

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Driving Growth with Amplitude Part 2: Measuring Campaign Impact


Learn how our team at Amplitude uses our own product and integrations to support our growth marketing and success goals.

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Guide to the Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Subscriber Base

Learn effective monetization strategies with iolo’s guide. Designed for product managers, discover actionable insights and practical tips on upselling premium features, and more. Sharpen your monetization tactics and unlock new revenue streams. Download your copy and start expanding your business today!

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Not So Serious Discussion About Project Lifecycles with Agile Uprising Podcast

Johanna Rothman

I was on the Agile Uprising podcast this past Sunday, discussing my most recent book. See (and hear!): Project Lifecycles with Johanna Rothman. I had a great time discussing the issues with Jay and Claudia. Some of what we discussed: That managers want agility but do not care about any agile methods or frameworks. While we might think “agile” is another project organization method—or lifecycle—it's not.

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9 Best Onboarding Platforms for SaaS Companies


What are the best onboarding platforms available on the market in 2024? This depends on your use case. Are you looking for an onboarding solution for web or mobile apps? Do you need it to support customer or employee onboarding processes? Are you after specific features to support your onboarding tasks? What’s your budget? There are many variables to consider.

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Unplugging to Connect: How Community Impacts Your Business


Loneliness continues to be a rising epidemic in our society. The cure for this is community. Our mission is to create a thriving culture of community within the technology space. We do this through Pulse events and wanted to create this with our Community Unplugged event. Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight and Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight kicked off the event and dove deep into why communities are important within the workplace and how to start building them.

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What is Data Visualization? + Visual Data Tools


Visual data surrounds us – colorful charts on weather reports, infographics on the web and in social media articles, map charts in presentations, etc. In the SaaS industry, data visualization is a powerful and widely used tool – from product managers tracking product performance to executives tracking revenue and user growth. To help you get started with data visualization, this article explores various visualization methods and their use cases.