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Top 10 Instructional Design Software For Creating Customer Training Programs


TLDR; Instructional design software helps you create custom eLearning courses and training material. Instructional design software should be used to educate people on a general topic – like corporate training, product training, or academics. Segment users and personalize in-app training with Userpilot. Let’s go!

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Alchemer Adds Slack, Shopify, Gladly, and Braze Always-On Workflow Initiators 

Alchemer Mobile

Now you can listen to more events from the systems your business runs on so you can collect feedback in context of your customer’s experience. This feature is especially useful for quickly initiating surveys to collect feedback from the internal teams you collaborate with or have trained.


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9 essential sales steps you need to grow your SaaS startup

Intercom, Inc.

Despite that value, however, there’s a drawback – a lack of formal sales training and sales process can seriously undermine those initial efforts. In this post, I outline how SaaS founders should modify their approach and implement a simple sales methodology to increase their odds of success.

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What is the Product Operations Career Path?


Successful candidates will demonstrate their ability to create and maintain systems to make the product team successful. Building and iterating on systems that inform the tech team of key user issues and seeing through their resolutions. Documenting existing processes and systems within the product team for broader circulation.

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Managing Manufactured Products: Growth and Decline

Mind the Product

As your sales team begins to sell the product, they will take over the forecasting effort by registering and tracking specific sales opportunities by customer, often using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system. Cannibalization effects, intended or unintended.

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Product Management System Basics


What is a Product Management System? What mechanism will we use to review and weigh priorities on what to build? But the questions here should give you at least the basic outlines of developing a product management system that works for you. So, what do we mean by a product management system? Training and onboarding.

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Mismatched Expectations: Product Information and Sales Teams

Mironov Consulting

 From their side, it’s obvious that every employee should be as dedicated to closing their few large deals as the sales team is.    So a product manager might have 5% of their time in total for deal-specific sales support.  So bulk training may make Product feel good, but often isn’t effective.  (And