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Product Analyst: Responsibilities, Skills, and Requirements


A product analyst needs to have the following skillsets: Technical skills: data analysis , data visualization, statistical analysis, and technical tools. Technical skills Let’s start with the technical proficiencies you need. Workplace skills: Critical thinking, project management, and communication skills.

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How to get into product management with ‘the wrong’ background.

The Product Coalition

He doesn’t have a technical background and currently works in a different domain. He’s become passionate about technology and wants to make a career switch. That being said, there is an additional element of complexity due to the fact that many companies don’t hire entry level product roles. This is not an uncommon situation.


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The difference between product analytics and business intelligence tools — and why you need both


In 2019, industry-leading Business Intelligence tools (BI tools), Looker and Tableau, were acquired by Google and Salesforce for over $18 billion combined. These massive deals show that BI tools and data warehouses are a powerful combo that companies across the globe are incorporating into their tech stacks.

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15 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools in 2024


Does it require technical expertise to add it to your product? Userpilot – the best user behavior analytics software for web apps Userpilot is a product growth and digital adoption platform for large and small enterprises. H4 Userpilot reviews G2 : Userpilot boasts a 4.6 How quickly can you learn and master the tool?

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Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Lorna Henri Tackles Technical CS At Scale


I wanted to talk with Lorna about hiring rockstar CSM and TAMs who are personable enough to build relationships and technical enough to know the product inside and out. The core user of Mapbox is often a highly technical developer , and Mapbox has phenomenal documentation. And the value doesn’t end with the technology.

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Data Science Career Path: Your Complete Guide

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Data analytics professionals are typically comfortable with a wide range of technical programs and tech tools and are also skilled at coding. In addition to typical data scientist skills like database languages and Python, you'll also need to be passionate about helping non-technical teams understand your results.

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How “Better Together” Technology Combinations Drives Better Agility

TIBCO - Thought Leadership

Innovative technology is the solution. But technology is also a challenge, as too many tools are inefficient and too few tools are incomplete. As an example, TIBCO ® Data Virtualization is pre-integrated with TIBCO’s flagship BI tool, Spotfire ® , but it also works well with Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.