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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

1] Dedicated Bug Fixing Teams Sometimes there’s a push to create development teams specifically to close out bugs and defects, especially after frequent outages or to address long-term system neglect.  This There’s no ongoing support model.  When  Here’s my thinking. [1]  And the next.  But

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GDPR: Who Should be Your Data Protection Officer?

Mind the Product

For example if a customer is refused insurance by an automated system they can call and ask for a manual review. Likewise your privacy policies and data protection policies may need to be reviewed. Clearly if your current IT processes don’t allow for the above you’ll need to do some work to prepare for this.


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Guide to Choosing the Best Customer Education Platform for SaaS


In this article, we’ll look at various customer training tools available on the market. Benefits of customer training software: Improved customer experience and customer satisfaction, better onboarding , reduced time to value , increased customer engagement , etc. What are the benefits of using customer training software?

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Why Your Entire Company Should Talk with Customers Weekly


Systemically, to get the CEO and leadership team onboard, you’ll need to determine your organization’s “why” for engaging with and listening to customers deeply ( see Figure 1 ) and build a case around your specific purpose. Do customer support. Sales, Customer Success, Support). Support training and onboarding.

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PREACH – a framework for perfecting your customer support tone

Intercom, Inc.

At Intercom we strive to maintain a high caliber of customer support, and we do this with a peer review system, where every member of our Support team consistently reviews their teammates’ conversations. During a review, conversations are rated on two main aspects: quality and tone. Measuring our support.

Framework 191