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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

 Unlike core Engineering, which (should have) invested in code reviews and automated test harnesses and code coverage and nightly regression runs, Overflow Teams usually skip repeatable/automated testing in favor of once-through manual smoke tests and one-time customer acceptance. There’s no rigorous testing.  Unlike

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The End of Pre-sales (and Post-sales Too)


Through the series of tweets, he argued that as cloud and SaaS technology business models become mainstream, the notions of “pre-sales” and “post-sales” have become antiquated: “However, with the shift to bottom-up, this role is changing. What does a leader of Customer Success, Professional Services, Support, Training, etc.


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GDPR: Who Should be Your Data Protection Officer?

Mind the Product

TalkTalk was fined £400,000 in 2016 for failing to have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to secure its customers’ personal data, and for keeping their personal data for longer than necessary. For example if a customer is refused insurance by an automated system they can call and ask for a manual review.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Customer Education Platform for SaaS


Some of the must-have features of a good training platform include in-app guidance, self-serve resources, user segmentation , and gamification. Tools reviewed: Userpilot, UserGuiding , Chameleon , Help Scout, TalentLMS, Skilljar, Docebo, Intellum, and SAP Litmos. We’ll provide a detailed review of some of the top products later.

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Why Your Entire Company Should Talk with Customers Weekly


Everyone in your tech company should spend time with customers weekly. In many tech companies, internal business metrics, as well customer behavior and usage analytics, are discussed and poured over daily. NPS, in product feedback, review sites) follow up with customers who reply in a personalized way. Yes, weekly.