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22 Digital Transformation Statistics for 2022

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This is primarily due to increased departmental silos, making it difficult to strategize cross-functional digital initiatives. Application modernization initiatives such as resolving technical debt and cloud migration are the most popular planned digital initiatives for organizations with over $500 million annual revenue. .

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Count The Digits

Mironov Consulting

  (And we’ll be speaking the language of money , not technical processes.)   To be useful, Count The Digits and similar heuristics fit into a larger framework where we have strong customer insights and thoughtful goals/strategies/OKRs.   That’s our #1 challenge for 2025.” hours to install. 


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High Performing Teams Are Like Families


With problem-solving and creativity, technology and critical thinking, parents and children work together in much the same way as teams in the workplace. Technology use, monitoring and control. Technology design and programming. The high-performing family and team have this in common: they know how to adapt to disruptions.

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6 Customer Fit Types and How to Use Them To Drive Customer Success


There are six types of customer fit according to Lincoln Murphy, which include: technical fit, functional fit, resource fit, competence fit, experience fit, and cultural fit. Its framework consists in creating a minimum viable product (MVP) to validate that there’re users willing to pay for it. Technical customer fit.

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How to Ace the Google GCA (General Cognitive Ability) Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

You'll be asked behaviorals in one way or another during every tech interview. Tell me about a time you faced technical and people challenges simultaneously. What would you do if you were introduced to new technology and never used it before? These are the triangle method and the STAR framework.

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Product Positioning for Product Managers

Department of Product

But a target customer for Audi may perceive higher value due to the connection to Porsche. Arcimoto announced in January 2021 it was acquiring the Tilting Motor Works in Eugene, OR to use its patented tilting trike technology for new products focused on micromobility. This is the result of unique product positioning.

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Growing digital product development trends in 2023

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Technically, serverless isn’t really “server less” as there are still servers that run your application, but they are managed by your cloud provider (read: out of sight, out of mind.) By 2025, the serverless architecture market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.7%, reaching $14.93 billion in value.