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Riding into the Future with Waymo’s Self-Driving Taxis


The “Cruise Origin” vehicle that Honda and Cruise are collaborating to launch in Tokyo in 2026 Cruise has already formed a joint venture with Honda and plans to commercialize self-driving cars in Tokyo and other parts of Japan by 2026.

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Permission To Stay Focused

Mironov Consulting

  We have to anticipate the friction between “I need it now” and “the roadmap is already overloaded through 2026.”   We have to support our PdMs when they take strong positions.  ”   We have to give our teams permission to stay focused and the safety to make unpopular calls.


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Unlocking Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Business Operations

The Product Coalition

A recent study by Gartner revealed that more than 80% of enterprises will have used Generative AI APIs or deployed Generative AI-enabled applications by 2026, highlighting its potential to transform various functions. The implications for business process automation are profound.

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Why customer engagement is the key to business growth in 2022 and beyond

Intercom, Inc.

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use total experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels. Instead, we must recognize that happy, empowered employees are the key to happy, empowered customers.

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22 Digital Transformation Statistics for 2022

Modus Create

billion by 2026 — Marketsandmarkets. With significantly higher speed, a 100x increase in network capacity, and a 10x decrease in end-to-end latency, the 5G network would be critical to the success of several emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles, AR, and VR. The global business process automation market will grow to $19.6

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Unlocking Customer Success via Partnerships 


A Salesforce study revealed that by 2026, for every $1.00 Companies like Cisco have long been admired for their partner program, and even they’re referring to this current time as “the age of the partner.” ” You don’t have to look long to understand why. Salesforce makes, its partner ecosystem will make $6.19!

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How to Build a SaaS Platform

The Product Coalition

billion by 2026. The increasing popularity of cloud computing indicates that the importance of SaaS will only increase in the future. A Cision PR Newswire report projects the SaaS market to grow from $158.2 billion in 2020 to $307.3