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Product Management in Healthcare


When patients think about healthcare, most immediately conjure up images of the services doctors and nurses provide. But delivering those services requires hundreds if not thousands of products. Who’s the customer for healthcare product managers? Healthcare in most markets has a highly unusual dynamic.

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The product data VCs want to see before investing in your startup


In October 2022, Crunchbase reported that funding rounds for private companies have dropped 53% year-over-year. If your startup is vying for an investment when there are fewer dollars to go around, it makes coming up with a compelling product idea and showcasing demand for it with data even more important.


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10 Design Agencies In New York to Work With in 2021

UX Studio: Product Management

As an expert and an opinion leader in the UX field, we’ve reviewed the competency, portfolio, and former projects of New York design agencies to define the best user experience design agencies in New York , based on our judgment. . As a client, you invest your time, energy, and limited resources into your digital product development.

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Product Model, Service Models, and Investor Valuations

Mironov Consulting

 But when I do product due diligence for SaaS-focused PE/VC firms, it's the very first thing I look at.  Let’s IMHO, software product companies are fundamentally different from software services/outsourcing/custom development companies.  Said  And very few companies can balance the two.  (See

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Generative AI in Your Business Strategy: From Concept to Reality

The Product Coalition

Industries such as high tech, banking, pharmaceuticals and medical products, education and telecommunications, healthcare, and insurance stand to gain immensely. If your AI journey has already been successful, then it’s time to harness the power of new tools for an even broader impact. Why Accelerate Now?

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Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Pulse Impact Awards


We wanted to save a spot on the biggest stage in customer success to honor teams that made an impact in four different categories over the last year. The Human First Award: This one honors the team that showed an uncompromising dedication to the success of the individuals in their organization, their customer base, or their community.

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Intercom on Product: Accelerating your strategy after COVID-19

Intercom, Inc.

That’s the advice of the Sequoia team in their last memo, “ COVID Accelerated the Future, Now Seize It ,” and for the last couple of months, that’s certainly been on the top of our minds here at Intercom. There’s no use in taking a few months to build an epic 40-page report on the next move when the idea is to be fast and agile.

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