Sun.Jul 15, 2018

Pardon the dust

The Product Bistro

As I mothball the consulting services of The Product Bistro, I had on my to do list to move away from the WordPress hosted site, to a self hosted location. Not merely to save $80 a year, but to give me a lot more flexibility in the layout, and control over the site. Fortunately, it fits nicely on the same small-ish droplet hosted on Digital Ocean as most of my other properties. So, if you are a regular visitor, you will see some in flux items.

The Leanest (and Meanest) Canvas An Entrepreneur Needs

The Product Coalition

Almost on a daily basis, I speak with many aspiring entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey. Hearing pitches, reviewing business plans and roadmaps challenges me to think hard about what makes sense for a startup to focus on in order to succeed.

10 Top tips to grow a collaborative culture in product teams

Product Warrior

Time and time again teams master process around lean and agile product development, but still fail see great outcomes. They shuffle story cards, they measure what they build, but still fail to see increase in outcomes.

Demo 52