Built for you: Behind conversation topics and custom reports

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This doesn’t replace the place of third-party tooling like Tableau and GoodData. In previous episodes, we’ve talked about how customer feedback and cross-team collaboration play a crucial role in the features and updates we build here at Intercom.

Productboard founder and CEO Hubert Palan on mastering product strategy

Inside Intercom

I got an MBA and tried several startups – some failures under my belt there – and then ended up at a company in the business intelligence space called GoodData. When it comes to making something people want, Hubert Palan always does his homework.

13 tips for product leaders on distributed teams


I’ve spent the past six years working on distributed teams between San Francisco and Central Europe — first as a product leader working with remote UX, engineering and technical product management at GoodData , and now working with a (great!) With modern web technologies, it’s easier than ever to collaborate with others from all around the world. This offers some great advantages. You can find the best people for the job, no matter where they live.